Risk Profiling

Risk Profiling
Risk profiling helps you invest in the optimum and diversified asset allocation to reach your investment goals. It also aims to simplify the process of understanding your underlying attitudes towards investing and hence predicting your probable reactions to future events.
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Risk Profiling Questionnaire
1.Which of the following best describes your current stage of life? *
2.How familiar are you with investment matters? *
3.How long have you been investing, not counting your own home or bank type deposits? *
4.How long would you invest the majority of your money before you think you would need access to it? (Assuming you already have plans to meet short term cash flow and/or emergencies.) *
5.Once you start using your invested money how long would you need it to last? *
6. In January 2008, the Indian share market Sensex fell more than 17% during the month. If the share component of your portfolio fell by 20% over a short period, such as a month. Would you: *
7. If your investment fell by more than 6% over a short period, would you: *
8.The table below shows the highest one-year gain and highest one year loss on three different hypothetical investment of Rs.1,00,000/- Given the potential gain or loss in any one year, where would you invest your money? *
9. Which one of the following statement describes your feelings towards choosing an investment? *
10. How secure is your current and future income from sources such as salary, pensions or other investments? *
11. What's your Age? * *
12. Which of the below Investment Instruments can achieve your investment objectives beyond 5 years? * *
13. What is your views about Purpose of Equity Investing? * *
14. You most preferrable Investment instruments ? * *
15. Do you have any Liabilities,Loans or Debt on you? * *
16. Are you willing to Invest a good portion of your savings to equities instead of parking them to conventional investment instruments[FD,PPF,NSC,post office schemes]? * *
Based on the below , please asses your Risk Profile and buy the Stock Advices from the Market Cap size as advised.

Conservative 0-18 Points
You are a conservative investor

You does not wish to take any investment risk.Your priorities are the safeguarding of your investment capital. You are prepared to sacrifice higher returns for peace of mind.

Equity Exposure Investment mix advised : Large Cap 100% | MidCap 0% | SmallCap 0%

Moderately Conservative 19-25 Points
You are moderately conservative investor

You are prepared to accept a small amount of risk.
Your priority remains the preservation of capital over the medium to long term. You may have some understanding of investment markets; however you cannot afford to take any chances with your capital.

Equity Exposure Investment mix advised: Large Cap 70% | MidCap 20% | SmallCap 10%

Balanced 26-44 Points
You are balanced investor

You have some understanding of investment market behavior and accept some short term risk to your capital. You do not wish to see all of your capital eroded by tax and inflation and are prepared to take a small short term risk in order to gain longer term capital growth.

Equity Exposure Investment mix advised: Large Cap 60% | MidCap 20% | SmallCap 20%

Assertive 45-55Points
You are an assertive investor

You understands the movement of investment markets. You are most interested in maximizing long term capital growth, although you do not wish to make unbalanced investment decisions. You are happy to sacrifice short term safety in order to maximize long term capital growth.

Equity Exposure Investment mix advised : Large Cap 35% | MidCap 25% | SmallCap 40%

Aggressive 56+ points
You are an aggressive investor.

You are prepared to sacrifice your investment capital in pursuit of the highest long term capital growth investment. You are most interested in reducing your taxable income and have an understanding of the behaviour of investment markets.

Equity Exposure Investment mix advised : Large Cap 20% | MidCap 30% | SmallCap 50%

After Submitting the Risk Profiling Form,BUY the Stock Advises by Market Cap sizes based on you Score
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Happy Investing!

A Copy of the Risk Profiling will be sent to your email ID.Please Check you Mail and BUY accordingly,as advised.
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