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Today, Conventional Investment Intruments[FD, PPF, NSC, Post Office Schemes, etc.] yields returns in the range of 7-8%, and if TDS is factored in what effectively lands upon your hand is about 5.5% returns, with Inflation growing @ much higher % on the ground you’re getting poorer year on year.

And for that reason, people fail to achieve most of the set financial goals which mostly end up as dreams.

Stock Market Investments is the SOLUTION.

So to address that problem we are offering an Online Training Programme”How to Become a Successful Stock Market Investor

for all, be it a retail Investor, HNI, Salaried employee, Housewives, students, aspiring Investors so on.

Anyone who wants to acquire the invaluable skill of Stock Market Investing become able to analyze any stock himself/herself and makes wise Investing decisions and creates WEALTH for himself/herself can undergo this training.


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About the Online Course:

1]This course can help you become a Successful Stock Market Investor and Independent thinker when it comes to Stock Investments.

2]After this Course you should be able to Analyse any Stock Fundamentally and Pick Great stocks for Investment.

3]Evaluating Fundamentally is not enough, how to behave appropriately in various market conditions is also taught.

4]Only 5% of people make a profit in the stock market. So Learn this rare skill which isn’t taught in any business schools or institutes.

5] These skills will last for your lifetime.

6]Only Fundamental Analysis is taught as most successful Investors do. We don’t teach Technical Analysis,
Intra day, commodity or Derivative Trading, etc.

7]This course is open to all, any person can attend this course retail Investor, aspiring investor, HNIs, students, etc

8]Our knowledge base is built upon after reading about various successful investors, their valuable books as well as
personal Research and practices in the stock market

9]Lectures are explained in a layman’s language and anyone with basic English knowledge should be able to understand.
Eligibility: Above 10th Pass and Age: 18 Years+

10]All the secrets of successful stock market investing will be shared. Our past successes

11]During the course, Lots of live examples & case studies of the stock market will be discussed and explained.

12]How to think like an Investor will be taught. Investors thought process: what goes inside an Investor’s mind.

13]We have spent about 7 years Investing & researching in the stock market and sharing this valuable knowledge with you
so you will at least save that amount of your time if you decide to learn from your won.

14]3-12 months of support to the students will be provided after the course.

15]Course Duration is about 19Days.

16]Study Materials provided will be in the Soft Copy Format.

Course Contents details is Below:
Course Contents

The First class will be a FREE Introductory presentation on Stock Investment. If one is convinced he/she can go ahead make the payment [details will be sent to your email ID] and Enroll for the Course

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