Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

1] The Stock Research Report will become downloadable on successful payment.Shipment of the goods that is soft copy of Research Report/s PDF files will be delivered to buyers email ID.

2] All the investments based on the recommendations are supposed to be made in EQUITIES.

3] Advised to take our review meeting which takes place every Quarter to monitor the performance of the advised stock, discuss its results or make changes required if any.

4] The Investment Horizon should be atleast over one and for best Results it should be 3-5 Years.In some cases it can be more base on how the company performing.

5] Investors are advised to start Investing on the advises as soon as possible.If delayed the stocks may become expensive and returns would be reduced.

6] Once Investments made on the Stock Advices refrain fresh investments on the advice when it has become expensive or take our advise on it.

7] Whatever advised are Fundamentally Strong companies but due to market conditions the advised stocks also may fall.Advised to stay invested and if possible buy further on the advised stock/s.

8] Stock Advises keep on changing with time,so buyers are advised to make note of the Product ID to avoid duplicate BUY

9] The company only charges Stock Recommendation fees and no way takes money to invest or invest on anybodys behalf.Buyers themselves are responsible for investing as per the guidelines laid out in the Research Report.

10] The Prices mentioned on the Stock Advices are Advisory Fees.Apart from that nothing will be charged to the investor.All the dividends,bonuses,rights etc. all belong to the Investors.

11] The Investors agree not to disclose about the stock/s advises and its reports to anyone in any form whatsoever.

12] We reserve the right to alter prices of the Stock Advises without giving prior notice.We also reserve the right to remove any stock advises without any prior notice or reason.Typically this would be done if the stock is too expensive to be advised or its business fundamentals has deteriorated.

13] We are not a Trading Platform.We don’t enable SELL/BUY stocks directly.We just sell our Advises[name of the stocks worth Investing] Online. Investors can BUY the Stocks Advises through this portal.SELL advises will be given offline only.

14] While Checkout please make sure your enter your correct email ID.The Reports will be delivered to the email ID specified.

15] Sometimes the Equity Research Report sent to your email ID may not land up in to the Inbox.Kindly also check other tabs like Promotions,Forum or Spam etc. of your mail box.

16] Investors agree they are Buying the stock advise/s only after correctly assesing their Risk Profile.