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Stock Description This stock is from AQUACULTURE sector.
Investment Rationale 1] This company exports shrimps in different forms to quality conscious markets of Japan, USA and Europe .

A consumption story

Their plant is FDA listed, EU approved and processing is as per HACCP guidelines.

Export oriented businesses are usually high profit margin,Rupee depreciation usually helps.

2]Company is on a growth trajectory

3]People most unlikely to stop eating seafoods so no virtual threat of this sort of business to get replaced by something else.

4] Today, shrimp farming continues to expand in India. With rapidly increasing demands many companies now have expanded to other coastal states like Orissa and West Bengal on the east coast and Gujarat on the west coast and in the south to Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.They are undergoing expansionExpansion plans means there will be increase in the production capacity and so top line growth is anitcipated and obvious.So growth visibilty is there,the market is expected to reward this growth when results are posted which should be good given the expansion factor coming into play.

Performance The company has grown about 9 times in last 10years in Sales
Valuation Undervalued
% Return Prospects GOOD if Invested for 3-5years time frame.
Market Cap size cataegory Small Cap
Fundamentals Strong Yes
Personal Holding Information No
FII/DII/Mutual Fund Holdings Yes
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