Q1 What does the site www.multibaggarstockadvisors.com do? how it works ?

A :MultibaggerstockAdvisors.com  is owned by Mr LEKH RAM who is a SEBI registered Individual investment advisor Specialising in direct equity investments.

Multibaggerstockadvisors.com is an online platform which involves selling of name of the good stock as an advice or recommendations.

In today’s times it is very difficult for the Investors[retail ,Salaried and HNIs] to find proper guidance who are willing to invest in the stock market,

a)There’s lack of  proper knowledge or

b)Time constraint to do all the research and track  about the stocks or

c)Don’t know how to behave in the rising,falling,euphoric and extremely negative market environments

We fill that gap and provide valued stock advisory services.The stocks we advise are thoroughly researched and its fundamentals are found to be strong.

Only thing the investors have to do is to buy the stocks advised/recommended here and sit tight.

The adviced stock are reviewed regularly and meetings will be organized with the investors on video calls to gauge the progress  and see if any changes required.Changes in the sense if any stock not performing or any issues or any new development has occurred in a particular stock corrective or appropriate measures that need to be taken will be advised to the Investors.

Is based out in Bangalore and for scalability purpose this site is developed to cater the advisory services to a wider audience. So if an investor from Mumbai or any other place also, wants to know a good stock in say specialty chemical sector, so he can go to that section and pick one or many scrips if available and do online shopping advice ,pay and get the complete Equity Research reports of the stock/s .

Equity research analysis about the fundamentals of the listed companies of Indian exchanges  is done and Equity Research Report of each stock are uploaded in the portal sector wise.

User can do online shopping of the Stock Research Report essentially an advice and recommendation and upon payment of the advisory fees the Equity Research reports are delivered to email ID provided.

Please note : We are not a trading platform and don’t enable users to buy or sell stocks.Instead we only sell “good stocks names” as an advise.Users can invest in these stocks and expect to gains.

Q2 How to buy stock advice or stock recommendation?

The investor who wants to know good names of the stock needs to open the site multbaggarstockadvisors.com. The he/she needs to go to the sector of his/her choice and explore the script.He/She can then add the scrip/s to the cart and then proceed for payments.Upon payment complete, the Equity research report/s of the stock/s will delivered to the investors email ID.He/She can now invest on the stock mentioned in the Equity Research Report.

Q3 How is investing in Stocks different from conventional investment Instruments like Bank FD,PPF,NSC,various Post Office Schemes?

Conventional investment instruments like Bank FD,NSC,PPF , Post office schemes etc. gives 7-8 % returns and after TDS, returns would be somewhere around 5.5% effectively.

With inflation growing @ 10% [ground reality] you at actually getting poorer! by good 4.5% each passing year , even after investing in them.

With that you may miss all your financial goals like your retirement corpus, children education, their marriage and home etc.

E.g petrol price  in year 2018 was 70 Rs in 2019 it was 77 so increase of 10%.Onion potato sell for 10 Rs at on point and 80Rs at another i.e 700% increase.My maid monthly salary was 2500 last year she asked 500 hike i..e 3000 monthly for next year with hike of  20%. A biscuit selling for 10Rs this year most probably it will sell for 11 Rs next year i.e hike of 10%….and many more examples

So conventional investment instruments are completely ineffective when its comes to counter inflation.If at all people start become rich by conventional instruments[FD,PPF,NSC etc] then poverty would have been eliminated long ago as 80% of the people in india do invest in those instruments only.

In its 40year old history,sensex has delivered 17% Compounded returns.Individual and well research strong stocks would even perform better.So in identifying those strong and growing stocks and then advising them is the business of multibaggerstockadvisors.com

Q4 Why investors should be buying stock advice from this site?

Stock Market investing is a difficult skill and takes time to master.About 95-99% of people who come to stock market lose money.

But if one has developed abb ability to pick great businesses for investing, doing research and establishing a sound fundamentals then one can surely make a lot of wealth with time.

So if someone dont want to do all these hard work and devote time and want everything ready made they can simply buy stock advice which are well researched by multbaggerstockadvisors.com

Only thing they have to do is BUY and HOLD.

Quarterly review meeting and monitoring is done to see how is the performance of the advised stock.If any changes required appropriate corrective actions will be taken

Finding a right stock which is involved in good business and financially strong too is tedious task.Investors usually don’t have time to track and evaluate the stocks themselves.

Multibaggerstockadvisors.com  does all the research the company and the business.Evaluate it fundamentally and if it passes all the criteria of a sound business only then it advises them to the investors

Other advantages

1]After sales services and support is there

2]After advising the stocks are still tracked and monitored regularly

3]The adviced stock’ performance is gauzed on quarterly basis

4]multibaggerstockadvisors.com attends the concall on behalf of the investors to keep tab on the happenings in the company to have first hand info

5]Review meeting is held with the investors who have purchased the advised stocks

Please note :The stocks recommended for free in various print,digital and social media have vested interests hidden.No person ever got rich acting on those so called free advices.

Q5 What is the time frame investors should keep on the stock advice /recommendations

Typically it is advised to hold for at least a year for short term.

3-5Years for mid term and beyond that we would be a long term investment

Our time to time review review and monitoring helps us to see where the business is going what we have advised to our investor customers.

As the time frame goes,if the financial target attached is met investors can book profits.They can also move to more profitable stocks which has better potential.Or if the business has got some issues we can make changes and move to other better stocks.Also even after 10 years if the business is growing and going great and still have potential we can advice to stay invested invested.Investors who bought the advices would be advised accordingly from time to time in the review meetings which is held quarterly.

People are ready to give 5years to FDs to perform meagerly to have tax benefits under 80C but they aren’t ready to wait for a day when it comes to stock market investing.Isn’t this ridiculous.

Q6 Explain about your services?

We have 2 kinds of services available.

1]Selling Stock advises/recommendations

Suitable for those who want readymade well researched fundamentally strong and growing stocks.This service is suitable for people with no time to track the stock or markets and dig in much about happenings in the company.We will keep track of all the happenings in the stock and the market and update the investors in our review meets held quarterly via video call or face to face meet.

The Investors just have to buy these stocks advised by us and then stay invested.The invested money then is expected to grow with time.Investors are entitled to have all the dividends granted by the advise stocks.Only a nominal and one time fees is charged when the investors buy our advice. 

Investors can buy a single stock advice or can buy a bunch of it thus creating a portfolio itself.

Stayed invested in the advises for 3-5 years usually would  create handsome returns and capital appreciation beating almost all other assets classes.

2]Training programme on “how to become successful stock market investor, yourself.”

Apart from investment advisory on stock we also provide training on stock market investing.

We offer online Training Courses on “Become a Successful Stock Market Investor” via Regular,Weekend,Crash Course[Fast Track] and Combo courses

For further details kindly explore the offerings @

All the secrets of the stock market investing will be catered to the students enrolled for this programme.

Book as FREE Demo Class @ https://multibaggerstockadvisors.com/onlinecourses

Suitable for people who want to learn the skills on stock market Investing and then act independently and can become successful investors themselves.Stock Market investing is a rare skill and not taught anywhere.Necessary skills like doing fundamental analysis,evaluating a stock,the business,when to buy and when to sell etc will be taught in depth.Apart from that the right emotional,temperamental and behavioral training will be taught.Practical training is included with examples.

Support and assistance will be provided  for 3-6 months after training complete.

People undergo lot type of training in their life for e.g few computer courses which becomes obsolete after new tech kicks in…Some new tool comes again person has to re-learn…etc etc.

But the knowledge from this training will last forever.

Investing is simple but not easy.

Q7 Should one be Investor or Trader?

“All the RICHEST person on this planet has something to do with the Stock Market!!” and they are mostly INVESTORS and Traders seldom make wealth.

Stock Investing and Trading requires different type of skill set and temperament.If one is making money while doing either of them they should stick to it.

Multibaggerstockadvisors.com advocates Investing which is a time tested method for wealth creation

One thing that works in favor of Investors is the TIME which compounds the wealth.

To be successful as Investor one has to be correct only once[pick one great business] while for trader all the picks and reading scrips moves has to correct day in day out.

Moreover ,Trading is a Full Time job

Q8 Are the stock advises is for companies listed in Indian Exchanges or from other countries as well?

The stock advice currently is for the companies listed in indian stock exchanges the BSE and the NSE

Q9 What if I want to make some changes  in the recommended stocks or the existing stocks

Making changes are required in the cases when the advised stock isn’t performing for some reason or not performing to the desired level as it was expected.Or the advised stock has already delivered enough and new stock is identified which can give further bette returns.

All the changes and tweaks can be during the quarterly review meetings.In exceptional cases 

Q10 Who are we and what we do?

Mr LEKH RAM is a SEBI regd. Investment adviser and sell stock advises for a fee.

Multibaggestiockadvisors.com is owned by him and is devised to cater this service to the wider audience.

Investors can buy stock names by doing online shopping.

Stock Market Investing is a rare skill and 99% of the people who come to market loses money.

This is also true that few people are really very successful[ the remaining 1%] in the stock market and they amass lot of wealth.All wealthy people has something to do with the stock market.

Successful investors rarely share their investment ideas as soon as they invest in a particular stock.Even if they do they share it late once they are already sitting on a fat profit and they want to trim their holdings.

Free ideas in the print and digital media never made anyone rich.They have vested interests.

So a sound investing advice coupled with timely guidance and assistance can help people to gain well in the stock market.This kind of service is need of the hour.

In multibaggerstockadvisors.com well researched stocks are picked,there business fundamental analysis are done and it is put up as an advice on the portal.People can do online shopping and get these stock names as Equity Research Report in PDF format delivered to the email IDs after online shopping complete.

Investors can then invest in these stocks and hold for advised time frame and expect good returns

Q11 How your services different from other advisors.What makes you stand apart?

How we are Different:

1]Thorough Fundamental Analysis and Research of the Stock is done before advising.

2]SEBI Registered Individual Investment Adviser | Highly Investor Friendly services:Will be Assisted and Guided like my own family member

3]Highest Degree of Safety :All your Capital remain in your control at all times. | No Hefty Services fees.No Deposits.No Commissions.

4]With our Market expertise  and ability to Pick good,high quality and growth companies,the risk is heavily minimized.

5]Expect better return than the Benchmark Indices…if market itself is not too Bad.

6]The stocks we advice,mostly we own them too already/Plan to buy them soon.| Excellent Track record of discovering High quality businesses

7]95%+ of the profit generated by your investments stays with you.Our Advised stock pays dividends and if that’s taken into account its AS GOOD AS A FREE INVESTMENT ADVICE!!


Suppose the investible surplus is 1Lac Rs

Our fee per stock is 1000 Rs

Returns on Advised stock 16% =16000Rs [Returns can differ depending on market conditions]

Amount stays with Investor [Rs 1.15L ,1Lac being principal and 15000 gains,1K our fees]

% of the return stays with investor: 15000/16000 =93.75% [total gains 16000,15000 stays with investors.1K was our fees]

Now if the advised stock gives dividend of 1Rs per share and investors has purchased 1000 shares of it.

so net gain becomes 15000+1000=16000Rs

So the advice becomes virtually free.Our fees as 1K is only one time and not a recurring one.

So the investor can choose to stay invested in the advised stock and reap benefits further.

Review meeting fees of 500 Rs per Quarter[2000 Yearly] is only chargeable after a year.Portfolio Review Meeting Fee for Year 1 is waived off.

Note The more the investor puts in the advised stocks the more percent stays with him/her.

If the investable amount is high it is advisable to create a portfolio by buying various stock advises.Investors are advised to keep the portfolio stocks count within 10.

For further details please feel free to reach us.

Q12 What would be the expected rate of return from the advice  stocks here?

Historically,the benchmark sensex has delivered 17% compounded returns for 40 years.

So one can expect a little better returns that the market on our stock advises.

Benchmark represents the weightage of bunch of companies performances while individual stock tend to perform better in normal,above average,and good market conditions.

Please note these returns are highly asymmetric and wont deliver 17% year on year consistently.It delivers asymmetric returns something like 2%,30%,-3%,5%,50%,16% year on year.Please refer BSE or NSE data and they confirm this pattern.

Q13 If an investor is willing to create a financial portfolio consisting of stocks what would be the ideal count of stocks?

While creating the portfolio  the count of stocks should be in 5-10 range.All these stocks should be preferably from different sectors or businesses to achieve desired diversification.

Q14 Do you provide single stock advice and design a Portfolio with  with a bunch of stocks?

Investors can buy both single stock advice or can buy a bunch of stock advices.Buying bunch of stock advises enables investors to create a portfolio as they invest on those stock advises.If the investable amount  is high it is advisable to create a portfolio to achieve ample diversification.

Q15 How much do you charge as fees?

Its within the range of 1000 to 2000 Rs per stock advice.The stock advises can be purchased online from the portal www.multibaggerstockadvisors.com. Investors can buy single or multiple stock advises.

Q16 Do you charge anything from the gains or returns of the stock advised?

What about the dividend given by the stocks you are advised?

Nothing will be charged apart from the stock advice.All the gains and returns that the advised stock yields belong to the investors.Also the investors will be entitled to keep the dividend the advised stock yields..

Q17 Who are the target audience who else can invest availing your services?

The audience for the stock advisory services are the Retail ,Salaried and HNI investors who don’t have time to track and do research about the stocks and follow the market.They can buy the stock advice/s from this site and then invest on the stock advice they purchase.

The audience for the Training course it can be anybody who wish to learn the rare skill of the stock market investing which is not taught anywhere.This knowledge to last for the lifetime.

All the secrets about the stock market investing will be shared.At the end of the course one is expected to act as an independent investor.Case studies taking few real time stocks tracked and will be discussed practically.Proper hands on on evaluating the stocks fundamentals,how to behave in rise and falls,emotional quotient ,Investing thought process etc skills will be taught.

Q18 Do you also invest in the stock you advice?

Mostly we also invest in the stock what we advice.If not we intend to buy them sometime soon.Most important thing is irrespective if we own or not what we advice are fundamentally strong strong company and expect to give good returns in the near future.

Q19 Which method is used for evaluating the stocks which are recommended here and what are the risks?


The Evaluation method used here is the Fundamental analysis.

We try to establish the financial strength of the business by looking at various parameters of the business.We also see how the business has done and grown over the last 5-7 years.

Once it meets all the important criteria of a business we also see if we are getting it  for a bargain price far below its intrinsic value.

We look at the sector and quality of the business what it does,how good they are ?are they market leader?If not market leader what makes them so special?Do they operate in niche area?If none of the above are they blow away everyone with exceptional quality in this sector??

All these questions and their evaluation leads to spot a very good/great undervalued business to invest in


Risks do exist in the market place so risks are for real.

Riks has to be addressed effectively by behaving correctly

Risks are mostly eliminated when fundamentals of stock is established.by picking fundamentally stocks at least  assured that whatever we have invested in is/are good companies in first place and not junk.So that’s 90% job done.

Risk happens for below reasons:

1]If investors buys when market has peaked so when market retraces the purchases made at this point suffers

2]When market rises or falls the investors behavior is very erratic.Investors behavior is more important than the behavior price of the stock

3]Following the herd and not applying their common sense.Investors should always take independent actions

The risks and how to handle them will be discussed in detail with the investors who buy our advises or  undergo our Training course on Stock Market Investing

Q20 Can an investor sell when they are in substantial gains on the stocks advised?

Since stock market returns are highly asymmetric investors can book profit as soon as the stock advice has delivered substantial returns.Again, our quarterly review meeting would help us to evaluate how good the business is 

whether to book profit or stay invested ,buy some more or to sell few.

Why to sell if the advice is performing well and growth is there

Why would investors be advised to stay invested if the business’ growth stagnating.

So, our quarterly review meeting helps us better to take well informed decisions.

Q21 Can an investor invest for short term on the stock advised?

Investments works well when the horizon in a bit longer,ideally 3-5 years is time frame to have handsome returns.If the stock is purchased under valued or in market lows then even 1year time frame is seen good enough to see good returns.

So in short, the longer the investor stay invested in the stock advice they tend to get better returns.

Q22 Can invest by all the stocks advice at all levels?

The investments made  in good stock at market lows when there is negative sentiments fetches best returns.

Best thing is to invest a lump sum in great stocks  when market is reeling under heavy pessimism.

The investments made  in good stock at average market conditions when the sentiments is so so, still fetches decent returns

The investments made  in good stock at peaked market conditions when the sentiments is euphoric,mostly fetches negative returns

Market peaks at different points for large cap,mid cap and small or micro caps.They dont peak simultaneously.

Remember ,Market will always give great chances to invest.

Q23 How are the stock advised are tracked about the happenings and developments in the company?

We follow the Quarterly results to find out if the company is performing well.The growth and profitability is intact.It gives all the insight of why should one should stay in the invested stock.

We attend the Investors con calls to find out what’s the latest happenings in company.They answers all the investors queries.They share future plans like expansions,new product line and new market geographies etc etc.If some issues are there thats is also discussed so we get a first hand information and we don’t have to act on rumours.

All these help us taking appropriate actions and we advise our investor customers accordingly.

In investments if a fundamentally strong and growing stock is purchased,rarely we need to take actions every now and then.It’s mostly buy and  almost forget about it.It will do the job in its time frame.

Q24 What if the Investor buy the recommended stocks, invest in it and then the stock Falls?

Since we carry out fundamentally strong analysis for the companies and then everything is fine then only its recommended for investments.Even if bought at a bargain price below its intrinsic value the price of the stock can below [not drastically though] the investment price point.Thats the nature of stock market.

So if the stock price falls from the price point of investment it is advisable to buy some more as the business’ fundamentals established already and that change with price movements.

Q25 Which type of companies your advise to invest small cap Mid Cap or large cap?

The advises are based on the investors risk appetite.The stocks will be advised based on the investors desire what kind of returns they are looking for with knowledge of risks involved.

Please refer the below diagrams which explains what kind returns of each cap size companies delivers

Q26 What is the objective of the stock advice recommendations online here?

The one and only objectives of the stock advices and recommendations are to help investors get good returns.The stock advices are rock solid fundamentally  and growing and so investors when invested in our stock advices can invest on them and have a peaceful sleep not worrying about their capital and high probability of getting good to supreme returns than any other asset class could yield.

Quarterly review meets gives lots of comfort to our investors and give a chance to them to gauge how things his/her investment doing.Appropriate and timely corrective measures advised to taken.Then can pursue their profession and won’t require their day to day or frequent involvement.

Q27 Why should I invest in stocks advised here there are better no names and investors out there?

Big Investors Seldom disclose their investments as soon as they start their investments in any stock.They accumulate fundamentally strong and growth stocks over time.They only come to limelight only when they are already sitting on fat returns.

They won’t provide their advise or tip to the people at large for various reasons.They may not have time,they will be busy in their own life enjoying it,or doing research and reading or country’s regulatories prohibit them to do so or can be any other reason.

Moreover, “if you are good at something,never do it for free”

Q28 Have you ever heard My Buffet or Mr. Jhunjhunwala advising anything to buy or sell to the people.?

Big Fund House/Mutual Funds/SIP thing :They people have team of experts try to invest pool of people’s money[funds] in a bunch of asset classes.Here heft fees involved .They advise to invest at all the time even at market peaks so ensure their fee/commission don’t stop when you halt your SIP at peaking markets.That’s their bread and butter.

You never find them telling to sell .

We on the other hand tell to sell off once the financial targets are achieved or substantial gains is made.

Free Advices in TV/Newspapers/other Media : Nobody ever good made it big while acting upon free tips and advises.Today there are lots of free tips in TV ,newspaper and various other media channels which may carry a vested interests.Nothing comes for free in this world.There are no free lunches.If someone really makes money that way they can stick to it,nobody stops them.

We do our analysis of the business ,evaluate it and see if great business is offered at a attactrative bargain prices we go for it and put up that as a stock advise.

Q29 Is this service available for indian customers or worldwide?

Our services are open to all.

Q30 Why would people take help of multibaggerstockadvisors.com when they can pick stocks themselves?

Till date,in stock market the equation is like this 95% lose and only 5% people gain!!

So we @ multibaggerstockadvisors.com carefully pick undervalued,growing financially sound businesses and once assured ourselves the strong fundamentals of those biz we recommend them in our site.

So it suits to the people who are new,first time investors in the stock market,who don’t have time to do research themselves etc.

So we provide a readymade service – buy the scrip recommendation and just go and invest close to the advised levels.Our service are not meant for the people who are good at picking undervalued biz.

There exists lots of so called experts exists but you also know how quickly they change their views every now and then sometimes within days itself.Our research are robust and we are solely consider the performance of the biz.If that’s good then stock will perform.Nothing more ,nothing less.

We strictly adhere to principles of value investing as taught by Legendary Benjamin Graham.

Q31 What all things you do before putting up a stock recommendation?

We do through analysis of the biz we recommend after evaluating on various parameters

Growth potential:

Has great growth potential and has huge demand in the form of products or services,which are almost enjoy monopoly status in the biz.

We do look at the past 10 year growth record and see their performances and ability to scale up.Valuation:We never recommend anything that’s OVERVALUED or even fair priced.We always recommend the biz which are undervalued and trading much below their INTRINSIC values.Young:We pick young and strong biz for investments.Usually many large caps gets stagnated on growth so less volatility will be there but so is the returns.Our pick comes from small caps which are growing at a much higher rate than its market leaders.Financial Soundness:We do thorough analysis to establish the financial health of the biz. thorough looking at various parameters and ratios ,debt levels,balance sheets and CFS.